Latest Version and release Notes

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1.5.3 Current Version - Released 1/20/2009
  • Bug Fix: When replying to a message from the history, all subsequent replies would go to that same user, regardless of the sender.
  • Added option to automatically check for new users every 30 minutes.
  • Changed Skin.

1.5.1 Current Version - Released 10/21/2008
  • Added History Window:
    The last 100 messages sent or received will be displayed in the History Window.

1.5.0  Released 9/23/2008
  • Indication shown when you have gone over the message length limit.
  • Individual pop-up messages can be saved and/or printed.
  • Log printing.
  • Redisplay last popup.
  • Redisplay last message sent.
  • Option to Press Enter to Send (Ctrl+Enter for new line)
  • Automatically forward messages to another user when you are away.
  • Option to change POP up sounds
  • Option to change message font size.
  • Automatic licensing / registration - when one POPme IM is registered, all others will be automatically registered.

1.4.3 Released 7/23/2008
  • Fixed: While typing a response, text not erased when a new pop-up appears.
  • New Installer. Trial version can be activated to full version.
  • Updated settings transfer utility.
  • Updated version numbers for compatibility.

1.3.3 Released 10/29/2007
  • Added new User Interface.
  • Various other minor improvements.

1.3.1 Added new features per user requests:
  • Popup messages show conversations in different colors.
  • Popup messages can be forwarded.
  • Improved logging.

1.2.8 Fixed Screen Scaling for displays not set to 96 dpi.
  • Added more network error detection.
  • Added Watchdog service to detect Explorer crashes.
  • Added Mouse over button descriptions.

  • Added Settings, Button, Group Transfer Utility.

  • Added Smaller font option in user list.

  • Added Multi-user select.

  • Removed certain file dependencies to improve performance.
  • Added Logviewer to search old log files.
  • Added Emergency Buttons.

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