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POPme Tools / Utilities

POPme Logger is an administration tool that will log all POPme messages
sent between users on your local network

POPme Port Forward is a utility that will forward POPme messages
sent on one UDP port up to 4 other UDP Ports.

POPme Sniffer is a utility that will capture POPme messages
sent between users on your local network
(can be run simultaneously with POPme)

POPme Full (latest release)
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Latest Version  Release Notes

Other Software

  • A simple way to monitor computer usage.

  • Track the time your employees spend using different applications.

  • Know the web sites and programs your kids are looking at.

Improve worker productivity, cut bandwidth waste and reduce spyware / virus infections

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Monitor is NOT a keystroke recorder or key logger.

Web Site Filters for Internet Explorer (beta) 

IE Web Filter is a web site blocker that uses words you define to control access to web sites.

Great companion program for Monitor.
Use Monitor to determine which sites need to be blocked.        Learn More / Download

Will only work with Internet Explorer. Will not work with Firefox or any other browser.

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